Trutaper/ExactTaper Heat-Treated F5

Trutaper/ExactTaper Heat-Treated F5

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TruTaper is now known as ExactTaper. The product remains the same. Only the name has changed.

Pack of 6

Available in 21, 25 and 31mm

The same size, length and taper as currently available files, but made in the USA with the same super-flexible heat-treated nickel-titanium as our V Taper 2H range. Designed for those who currently use Protaper Gold or Edge Taper Platinum and don't wish to change their treatment protocol. 

Designed to replace:

Protaper Gold - PTGRF521, PTGRF525, PTGRF531

Edge Taper Platinum - ETF521HT,  ETF525HT, ETF531HT