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Foundation Level Access Prep & Obturate

Venue: Rotondo Dental. Level 4/106 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Date: Sat 13th March

Time: 8:30am to 2pm

Presenter: Dr Patrick Caldwell

Cost: $489 inc GST

New standards are emerging to provide a more holistic approach to endodontic therapy. Greater importance is being placed on a process that can not only enable successful elimination of infection within the root canal system but one that is also considerate of the structural integrity of the tooth to provide the most favourable long-term outcome. A component of this is the improvement in material science that has facilitated the manufacture of more flexible and strong instruments.

This endodontic seminar and hands-on workshop will give participants the opportunity to develop the skills to prepare and obturate more conservatively using the latest technology heat-treated files. The majority of the workshop will be spent preparing and obturating teeth. A component of online learning will be necessary prior to the hands-on workshop.

NOTE: This course will teach a standard technique using Meta Biomed Aurum Blue Heat-Treated files. For more advanced users wanting to develop their technique for more complex cases, we recommend the Endospot Skills School Online Course

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, the participant will:

  • Understand the limitations and advantages of implementing orifice directed access in your practice
  • Developed the able to utilise new NiTi technology in conjunction with traditional hand file techniques to achieve specific canal-appropriate instrumentation with reduced risk of iatrogenic error
  • Understand the use of bioceramic sealers and warm lateral condensation techniques to fill canal preparations

 Course Topics:

  • Failure of root filled teeth: Understand the various modes of failure of endodontic therapy and how to limit the influence of various factors.
  • Endodontic Access: Plan and complete access in a systematic manner that provides improved vision, better precision and conservation of tooth structure.
  • Glide Path Management. Learn how and when to utilise Glide Path Files to improve the predictability of preparation techniques.
  • Canal Preparation: How to prepare canals in a predictable manner using a systematic approach
  • Obturation: Learn how to size GP, control for length and various techniques for more complete obturation.

 This Course is Appropriate for the Following Clinicians

  • You have a desire to provide improved levels of endodontic treatment to your patients through conservation of tooth structure.
  • You are currently using legacy instruments that are less conservative and flexible than newer instruments (for example Protaper Next, Mtwo, Wave One Gold).
  • You have basic to limited experience in endodontic treatment but seek greater confidence in approaching treatment.
  • You're looking for step by step training and willing to dedicate time to developing improved skills.

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