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The Next Generation of Minimally Invasive RCT is Here

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Prepare - Preserve - Restore

Designed with cutting edge technology that offers real world application. Minimally Invasive by design, with the strength and flexibility like no other, E3 Conserve files are manufactured in the USA to the strictest guidelines to insure excellent consistency and performance, time after time.

Conserve More Dentin for Longer Lasting Restorations

The variable decreasing taper of the E3 Conserve preserves more pericervical dentin when compared to other variable increasing taper files like the ProTaper Gold®. Smaller tapering in the mid and upper portion of the E3 Conserve file results in unmatched file flexibility while providing better initial access and conservative restorative options.

E3 Conserve – Removes 40% to 60% Less Tooth Structure

E3 Conserve - More Flexible

E3 Conserve - Stronger

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No Change to Your Current Technique

The E3 Conserve file system has been designed with multiple tapers that ensure flexibility and cut dentin in specific canal zones, while utilizing a .8 MFD for maximum pericervical dentin conservation, reducing the potential for over-preparation. E3 Conserve files are available in comparable sizes, lengths and tapers to the Dentsply® ProTaper Gold® file system, and Edge Endo® Edge Taper™ file system. They require no change to current protocol or technique and offer the same predictable results.

Creating Initial Access

  1. If removing a PFM or Zirconia crown, begin initial access by using the Great White or Great White Z.
  2. Locate the orifices and create straight-line access using EndoGuide®.
  3. Once the canals are located, the walls are made smooth and parallel using the non-end cutting Endo Safe-End® bur to complete the access.

Minimally Invasive Endo Made Easy

  • Scout the coronal half of the canal with a pre-bent size 8 file, followed by size 10 and, if needed, size 15
  • Use the SX file in a brushing motion on the outstroke to enlarge the coronal portion of the canal
  • Confirm working length with an electronic apex locator and create a glide path using size 8 and 10 hand files, and Metabiomed Aurum G Glide Path Files if required
  • Use the shaping files (S1 and S2 if required in narrow or more curved canals) with a brushing motion on the outstroke to working length.
  • Use the finishing files (F1-F4) with an ‘in and out’ action (not brushing)
  • Always make sure to work in a wet field with NaOCl and use intra-canal lubricant when manually scouting canals
  • Always irrigate and recapitulate with a size 10 hand file after each pass of a rotary file
  • Frequently clean and inspect the flutes of E3 Conserve files and discard if unwinding is seen

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