Recommend DC Taper H Protocol


V Taper Sequence by E3Endo from Patrick Caldwell 


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DC Taper Obturation Guide

SS White no longer produce gutta percha for the DC taper. Gutta Percha production is not a core business for SS White and they found that few professionals were using the GP they had manufactured. As the DC Taper file follows the path of the canal so well and produces a very conservative preparation, the obturation can be a little challenging, especially in the case that the Orifice Shaper is not used.


We have found that the GP used for obturation depends very much on whether an orifice opener is used or not. Depending on your technique, we have created the following guides. These are a guide only and where the GP that is fitted ends up being slightly shorter or longer, then we recommend going down or up one size until the GP fits at the correct length.






For Canals Where an Orifice Shaper is Used:



For Canals Where an Orifice Shaper is NOT Used: