Aurum Blue is heat treated to impart improved flexibility and cyclic fatigue. The file will therefore cut slightly slower than other files.

The technique requires you allow the file to do the cutting and do not push the file into the canal.

It should be kept moving in the canal and multiple very small advances should be made.

There should be no rush to get to the apex with this file as leaving the file in the canal for longer periods does not lead to over-preparation as happens with traditional NiTi Files.


  • Super Flexible Alloy Allows canals with much greater curvatures to be managed with greater ease. Significantly reduces the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation of canals.
  • Pre-bendable Facilitates much easier access to a canal orifice.
  • Electro-polished Removing imperfection of the surface to reduce possibilities of fractures due to micro cracks.








Aurum G Glide Path File

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  • Increased Flexibility Alloy With increased flexibility and enhanced cyclic fatigue due to special heat-treatment, Aurum G offers significant advantages over manual stainless steel files, and increased ability to manage very curved and narrow canals.
  • Surface Treatment Results in significantly reduced fractures caused by micro cracks.



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