About ExactFlow

Significantly More Flexible than Comparable Edge Endo® and Dentsply® Files*

Same design as WaveOne™ Gold means no change to your current treatment protocol.

Get efficient root canal shaping and management all in one file!

  • Proprietary Heat-Matrix™ technology enables EXACTFlowH™ files to deliver optimal strength.
  • Dedicated matching EXACTFlowH™ gutta-percha and paper points for efficient obturation.
  • Single file system offers ease of use and greater efficiency
  • EXACTFlowH™ files can be sterilized for re-use for a lower cost-per-procedure.

Achieve predictable results with no change to your current treatment protocol.

EXACTFlowH™ files allow the safe navigation of the canal. The tapered design enhances smooth transportation of the file through tissue and debris. Same sizes, lengths and tapers enable you to use the same protocol or technique you use with Wave One Gold and Edge One Fire™ file systems.

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**Market research and test studies available upon request.
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