About Bioclear Evolve Posterior Matrices

E3Endo are proud to announce the release of the all new Evolve Posterior matrix system. This system complements the existing Bioclear HD posterior matrix system with improved buccal, lingual and occlusal wrap around. 


If you treat the full range of patients then you might consider purchasing the Complete Biofit HD Posterior Kit, along with the Evolve Posterior Kit. If you tend to treat an older population with more complex restorative needs, you might consider purchasing the the Complete Bioclear Evolve Posterior Kit


Evolve from Bioclear


Bioclear Evolve Matrix

As its name suggests, the Bioclear Evolve Matrix is an evolution in posterior matrices—an improvement on what was already the most advanced and user-friendly mylar matrix in modern posterior restorations, the Bioclear Biofit HD.

Evolve matrices come in three shapes and multiple heights. Matrices are color-coded to show the amount of curvature in the gingival emergence profile that each matrix has. The height is also printed on the matrix to ease identification. All colors of Evolve matrices offer superior buccal, lingual, and occlusal wrap around the tooth. This allows the matrix to do the work for you to create superior outcomes without all of the fussy finishing.

All matrices are 75 microns thick and anatomically preshaped. This makes them stiffer than other mylar matrices, easier to place, and easier to adapt.

Their extension can be seated deeper into the sulcus—even down to the bone level— helping to create infinity margins with minimal overhangs and broad contacts. The Evolve extension also seats nicely even when a rubber dam clamp is used, whereas the rubber dam clamp sometimes prevents full seating when using other matrices.

The matrices' translucence allows for three point curing of the heated composite on the buccal, lingual, and occlusal of the tooth, essential to thoroughly light cure bulk-fill composites.