About DC Taper

Mary Um DMD, MS - Recommends SS White's DCTaper Rotary File System from SS White Dental on Vimeo.


V-Taper 2H, now known as DC Taper H files are constructed of heat-treated Nickel Titanium and have a variable tapered design. The design allows a tapered preparation at the apical portion of the root canal, while conserving dentine in the coronal portion.

V Taper FIle Versus Protaper FileV Taper 2H is 27% more narrow at D12 than Protaper


V Taper versus Hyflex EDM

 V Taper 17/04 Compared to Hyflex EDM 10/05


Watch us try to break a V-Taper 17/04 file.


SS White and E3 Endo have a preference for users to be trained prior to using V-Taper 2h files in the clinic. For training, please contact us.


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Example Cases Courtesy of Dr Eugen Buga