About DC Taper

DC Taper is produced in the USA by SS White.

SS White recently celebrated 175 of dental manufacturing, making them one of the world's oldest manufacturers. The file itself has been in production since before 2010 with the advanced heat-treated version released in 2013. It is a favoured file of endodontists in the USA and Europe, and now, thanks to E3Endo is available in Australia.

SS White Core Endo


Mary Um DMD, MS - Recommends SS White's DCTaper Rotary File System from SS White Dental on Vimeo.


V-Taper 2H, now known as DC Taper H files are constructed of heat-treated Nickel Titanium and have a variable tapered design. The design allows a tapered preparation at the apical portion of the root canal, while conserving dentine in the coronal portion.

V Taper FIle Versus Protaper FileV Taper 2H is 27% more narrow at D12 than Protaper


V Taper versus Hyflex EDM

 V Taper 17/04 Compared to Hyflex EDM 10/05


Watch us try to break a V-Taper 17/04 file.


SS White and E3 Endo have a preference for users to be trained prior to using V-Taper 2h files in the clinic. For training, please contact us.


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Example Cases Courtesy of Dr Eugen Buga