Fully Compatible with Vortex Blue

Cyclic fatigue is a leading cause of file separation. ExactGuide™ rotary files offer a remarkable leap forward in resistance to cyclic fatigue.


• No change in technique from Vortex Blue™

• Conforms to the anatomical curvature of the canal

• Controlled memory – more resistant to separation

• Available in ISO tip sizes from 15-50 and in .04 and .06 taper

• Made in the USA



With increased torque strength and greater resistance to cyclical fatigue, EXACTGuide™ files navigate curved canals with ease while the unique design enhances tactile experience.

• Proprietary heat process enhances flexibility

• Increased torque strength for less chance of separation

• Reduced shape memory prevents ledging and transportation.



View the SS White ExactGuide range here 

Download the ExactGuide Brochure


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