No Change to Your Current Technique

The E3 Conserve file system has been designed with multiple tapers that ensure flexibility and cut dentin in specific canal zones while utilising a .8 MFD for maximum pericervical dentin conservation, reducing the potential for over-preparation. E3 Conserve files are available in comparable sizes, lengths and tapers to the Dentsply® ProTaper Gold® file system and Edge Endo® Edge Taper™ file system. They require no change to the current protocol or technique and offer the same predictable results.

Creating Initial Access

  1. If removing a PFM or Zirconia crown, begin initial access by using the Great White or Great White Z.
  2. Locate the orifices and create straight-line access using EndoGuide®.
  3. Once the canals are located, the walls are made smooth and parallel using the non-end cutting Endo Safe-End® bur to complete the access.

Minimally Invasive Endo Made Easy

  • Scout the coronal half of the canal with a pre-bent size 8 file, followed by size 10 and, if needed, size 15
  • Use the SX file in a brushing motion on the outstroke to enlarge the coronal portion of the canal
  • Confirm working length with an electronic apex locator and create a glide path using size 8 and 10 hand files, and Glide Path files if required
  • Use the shaping files (S1 and S2 if required in narrow or more curved canals) with a brushing motion on the outstroke to working length.
  • Use the finishing files (F1-F4) with an ‘in and out’ action (not brushing)
  • Always make sure to work in a wet field with NaOCl and use intra-canal lubricant when manually scouting canals
  • Always irrigate and recapitulate with a size 10 hand file after each pass of a rotary file
  • Frequently clean and inspect the flutes of E3 Conserve files and discard if unwinding is seen



EdgeTaper™ is a trademark of EdgeEndo®
ProTaper Gold® is a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona