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At E3 Endo we’re passionate about supporting the growth of the dental community. Our mission is to improve the standard of endodontics Australia-wide through the use of innovative products and high-quality training. We understand the challenges of endodontic treatment and our training program strives to empower clinicians to do their best work.  

Proudly supporting Endospot 

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Endospot to offer training and development programs to the dental community. 

Endospot aims to help clinicians perform endodontics in the most stress-free manner possible. With their selection of online training, hands-on courses, and boutique in-house training you can upskill with confidence. After completing their courses you will gain time-saving skills and knowledge. 

Endospot’s training courses paired with our quality equipment will save you time when working on clients and improve your quality of work. Through our partnership with Endospot, we are offering an extra $350 off our Aurum Blue Starter Pack when you sign up for one of our featured courses. Alternatively, when you purchase the Aurum Blue Starter Pack you will receive $350 credit towards either course


Sign up to either of the below courses and receive an extra $350 off our Aurum Blue Starter Pack

Receive $350 credit towards a course when you purchase our Aurum Blue Starter Pack



Featured Courses

Advanced GP Molar Access, Prep and Obturate Module 1

Endo Essentials at Home Module 2 (Includes Module 1 Access and Prep)

Working at your own pace this course will teach you to access and prepare in a systematic manner. You will begin endodontic procedures confident that you have a plan of attack and prepare canals in a more conservative manner.

You will learn:

  • How to determine whether a tooth will be difficult or straightforward to access.
  • How to prepare canals in a predictable yet more conservative manner.
  • How to manage more extreme curvatures with increased safety.
  • How best to obturate conservative preparations.
  • And so much more.

    In addition to Module 1, this course will provide a greater understanding of common endodontic concepts and teach you better vision, easier access, and conservation. This course allows you to learn when it suits you, without being limited by how quickly or slowly others are moving through tasks. 

    You will learn:

    • The science and theory of obturation.
    • How to use analgesics and local anesthesia to optimise pain management.
    • How to assess and manage cracks in teeth.
    • The art and science of instrumentation.
    • And so much more.




    Here at E3 Endo we’re passionate about doing things differently. When you register for our training courses you will deliver contemporary, conservative endodontics that provides patients with a better outcome and a quicker recovery.

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