About ExactTaper

Easily Navigate Even the Most Curved Canals


ExactTaper F1 stronger than both Dentsply Protaper Gold F1 and EdgeTaper TM F1. 

SS White EXACTTaper™ Files offer greater flexibility that is more SX resistant to cyclic fatigue when tested against both Dentsply Protaper® Gold and Edge Endo EdgeTaper™ Platinum files.

• Same sizes, lengths and tapers enable you to use the same protocol or technique you use with ProTaper® Gold and Edge Taper Platinum™ file systems
• Shaping files cut dentin throughout each canal zone with greater efficiency, while reducing the potential for over-preparation
• Finishing files insure the proper apical fit for the matching EXACTTaper, or your existing Gutta Percha points
• Shaping files have multiple tapers that ensure flexibility and cut dentin in specific canal zones

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