Advanced Conservative Endodontics - From Root to Restoration

Advanced Conservative Endodontics - From Root to Restoration

Advanced Conservative Endodontics

From root to restoration.
A focused hands-on clinical program.

DATE: Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June 2019

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TIME: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

VENUE: ADAQ CPD & Training 26–28 Hamilton Place Bowen Hills Qld 4006

COST: Member Dentist: $1540 Non-Member Dentist: $2000


Do you want to treat teeth that last longer? This course is designed to give the skilled general practitioner the knowledge, materials and techniques to complete endodontic treatment to the highest possible standard. Most of day 1 will be a practical session to identify canals, negotiating and instrumenting canals to full working length. The majority of day 2 will focus on obturation techniques and restoration with posts and cores. This course is designed for practitioners with some experience in endodontic treatment but who are struggling to achieve predictable results.


At the end of the course the participant will:

• Understand the limitations and advantages of minimally invasive endodontics and implementing “orifice directed access” in your practice

• Utilise the new NiTi technology in conjunction with traditional hand file techniques to achieve specific canal-appropriate instrumentation with reduced risk of iatrogenic errors

• Apply the principles of conservative restoration of root-filled teeth, including post and core placement.

PRESENTERS: Dr Oliver Pope, Dr Patrick Caldwell, Dr Mark O’Sullivan, Dr David Van Eldik


• Identifying the correct tooth. Complex diagnostic scenarios: cracked teeth and myofascial pain.

• Group discussion and case examples for diagnosis and treatment planning.

• An introduction to the concept of “Minimally Invasive Endodontics” and an evidence-based evaluation of the risks and benefits of MIE.

• Techniques to employ in practice to extend the life of endodontically treated teeth.

• Utilising technology to identify MB2.

• Learn to customise canal preparation specific to canal morphologies. Negotiate complex anatomy the way endodontists can, including how to manage ledges, aggressive curvatures, S-bends whilst minimising the risks of fractures. Practical session with V Taper NiTi files.

• An extended hands-on component with a focus on hand file skills, utilisation of the new glide path rotary files and V Taper NiTi files. This practical component will make up much of the first day. Please bring as many extracted teeth as possible.

• Restoration of root-filled teeth. Are crowns always necessary? A look at recent literature about the use of posts in root-filled teeth and to assist in selecting the appropriate type of post.

• Practical on post placement and core restoration.

• Microscopes will be available for participants to use during the session. Participants are asked to bring extracted teeth. Some with access cavities prepared (the more teeth the better!) and loupes. Upper first molars are ideal to assist in identifying and preparing MB2 canals.

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