Bioclear Evolve Matrix Pulpotomy


One of our resident endodontists performed this case and showed the utility of the Bioclear evolve posterior matrices. The tooth had been sensitive to cold but otherwise tested normally and radiography was normal. After capping the pulp with MTA, the tooth was prepared using the Bioclear method, and a blue evolve matrix was used to facilitate injection of heated 3M fill tech bulk fill composite. The use of a bulk fill composite is specific for the Bioclear system and allows us to utilise polymerisation shrinkage to wrap around the tooth and strengthen the tooth. The smooth interproximal contours produced with the evolve matrix help provide a cleanable surface with an ideal contact point.

To learn more about utilising the Bioclear method in your practice, sign up for one of our upcoming courses covering both posterior, anterior and black triangle closure.





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  • Patrick Caldwell