Comparison of our Constant Taper Systems


At E3Endo we have two constant taper systems. Both are extremely flexible, made of heat treated nickel titanium alloy. There are a few differences in the systems. This article is to help the user understand the two systems better.

  ExactGuide Aurum Blue
Country of Manufacture USA South Korea
Tip Sizes 15 to 50 20 to 45
Taper .04 or .06 all sizes .04 all sizes, plus .06 in 25 only
Orifice Opener/Shaper E3 Conserve SX Aurum Orifice Shaper
Glide Path file

The 15/04 is used as a glide path file.

Additionally, the DC Taper size 14 and 17 glide path files are used.

Arum Glide Path 13 and 17. These files are .025 taper and cannot be precurved
Cost $89 ex GST per pack of 4 $95 ex GST per pack of 4


Endodontist's Comment by Dr Pat Caldwell:

  • These two files are very similar in practice to use. In fact, I use them interchangeably if one is not available for some reason.
  • Exactguide has a slightly wider range of sizes.
  • The E3 Conserve SX Orifice Shaper is a little more conservative than the Aurum Orifice Opener.
  • The Aurum Glide path files are stiffer than the SS White glide path files so they need to be inserted into the canal before rotating. Both work well, provided the orifice opener has been used already and a size 10 hand file is loose prior to the rotary glide path file being used. 

Feel free to contact either me or Dr Mark O'Sullivan if you would like more information. 

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  • Patrick Caldwell