Endodontic motors - Making the Smart+ decision in your appliance choice


E3 Endo is all about supplying evolutionary products, appliances and equipment to enhance the quality of dental treatment provided to patients. This month E3 Endo is excited to introduce our latest product - The Endo Smart+ Woodpecker Brushless Endo Motor.

Why the Endo Smart+ Motor is a great choice

The Endo Smart+ Motor is one of E3's most valued products on the market when it comes to precise endodontic treatment. This high performing brushless and cordless endo motor has an accurate control of rotation angles to help prevent instrument fracture within the canals, making those tricky angles seem effortless. Additional to its smooth rotation this motor has super low vibration and noise to assist in a more pleasant experience for the patient. It has high torque and speed making preparation of the canals efficient, accurate and stable. But this is only the start of the innovative features that makes working with this piece of equipment super efficient to save time in your dental surgeries.

To further help with that precision and ease, woodpecker have built these motors to use a 6:1 mini contra angle handpiece. These mini angled handpiece heads help with those hard to reach cases, whether it be smaller mouth access or difficult maxillary angles so there is a clearer field of view when accesses the canals. These handpieces also rotate 360 degrees within the motor to ensure safer ergonomics as well as light weight to prevent any further fatigue when completing endodontic treatments. 

But before you get too excited and jump on the shopping cart to buy your brand new Endo Smart+ products, make your endodontic experience even more efficient with its matching Apex Locator. This motor is compatible with its matched Apex Locator to activate its apex locating feature when preparing. This feature allows the operator to first locate the apex and automatically stop or reverse when it hits the apex to prevent perforation.  

Head over to E3 Endo's products tab to find out more information about the Endo Smart+ range. Making dental treatments more efficient and precise is a goal for us here at E3. And sharing this with the dental community is how we can not only help your clinic with faster treatment times and outcomes, but also help patients have a more enjoyable dental experience both in the chair and after by increasing their success rates with the evolution of endodontic treatment through modern innovation. 


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